Recognizing leaking windows

How do I check whether my windows are leaking?

Leaky windows are most frequently identified as the cause of excessive heating costs and the associated heat loss. - But how do I find out whether my windows are still tight? Leaky windows can be seen by passing the flame of a lighted lighter along the sash and frame of the window.

You can then see whether the flame is moved back and forth by the draught to the room. If this is the case, the windows are leaking and new window seals should be fitted, and the connection joints between the wall and the window and the window sill can also be checked. It is often sufficient to remove the old silicone and reseal.

Please bear in mind that window seals are wearing parts. They are exposed to high thermal and mechanical loads on a daily basis over many years. Depending on the stress they are subjected to, these "old" window seals should be replaced after 15 years at the latest.

Replacing a defective seal not only helps you to significantly reduce energy costs, but also provides additional protection against noise, dirt and pollen.