Replacing older window seals

Dichtung lösenWould you like to replace your old window seals? No problem, we will be happy to help you find the right seal.

For nearly three decades, our commitment has revolved around seals for windows and doors. Offering complimentary guidance on the topic of fresh seals is second nature to us. Feel free to reach out by asking questions or sending us an email.

Daily use and constantly changing temperatures over many years lead to signs of wear and tear and are often the main reasons for defective window seals and leaking windows. 

Basically, the function of windows or doors depends on an optimally functioning window or door seal. Unpleasant and unhealthy draughts and ever-increasing energy costs are the result of poor seals. New window seals are needed now, but which seal do I need for my windows?

Not an easy question, because the choice of a new window seal for your own windows is large and it seems almost impossible. But you've come to the right place. We will be happy to help you in your search for new window seals. Our range includes a variety of seals for windows and doors.

Based on our many years of experience, we have developed new special silicone window seals for PVC windows. These silicone seals are particularly suitable for retrofitting older window systems. Often the manufacturer of your window seals is no longer known, or the original seal is not sufficient to make the window "tight" again.

It often happens that windows may have warped over the years, or the hardware technology no longer allows for optimal adjustments. In such cases, a completely new situation arises because the sealing surface between the window frame and sash, which needs resealing, has changed. Now, a stronger window seal is necessary to restore proper sealing to the window. The original window seals are not designed to seal the now larger gap in the window. Good advice is now valuable, as only millimeters are missing for a properly sealed window.

The solution is our new special silicone window seals for PVC windows. See for yourself: Link Advantages of our special silicone seal. You can find an even better overview in the gasket comparison.

You can find further seals from our product range, with well over 4000 seals of all types, in our seal catalogue. Click on the image View gasket catalogue to open the catalogue as a PDF file.

Information on window seals

Details on the care of window seals and much more about seals can be found in the information bar (below). There you will also find information on seal installation, how to determine your window seals yourself and much more.

If you have any questions about window seals, please call us on +49 2957 - 9849318 or send us a message at: or via WhatsApp +4917647128369.

Make everything tight again with the right window seal

To ensure that your home is nice and warm in winter and no unnecessary energy is lost, you not only need a functioning heating system, but also tightly sealed windows and doors. If the window seals are porous or no longer tight, for example, the heated air escapes and you are effectively heating for the environment. You should therefore regularly check the window seals on your windows and replace them if necessary.

If you realise that one or more window seals need replacing, you should not hesitate for long and get a replacement. Fortunately, you can easily find the right window seal in our online shop. Replacing window seals is easy and with a little skill you can do it yourself. Finding suitable window seals is often more difficult than installing new window seals. Tight windows ensure that you can feel comfortable. The warm air stays inside your own four walls and also saves energy costs!

We generally offer a wide range of different door and window seals. The chance of finding suitable seals, even for older windows, is relatively high. Window seals come in different shapes, widths and heights and are predominantly black.

If you need new window seals and are not sure which product is best for your window, you can also contact our sales team directly by phone or email. As experts in window seals, we are sure to find the right model together and will also be happy to share tips and tricks on how to install window seals easily. With the advice of our experts, you can even find the right window seals for old wooden windows. Of course, you can also request sample seals to try out free of charge.

The importance of good window seals often becomes apparent in winter. Old, porous window seals are often no longer airtight. The result: frequent draughts in the home, which also doesn't get really warm, even though you turn the heating up like crazy. Not only do you have to pay unnecessarily high heating costs after the winter, but you may also catch a cold from the cold air in your home. With suitable new window seals that seal the windows again for many years, you save money in the long term through lower heating costs and also have a pleasantly warm home.

In addition to silicone, window seals are now predominantly made from TPE. Both materials are ideal as a basis for seals and are characterised by their high functionality in windows and doors. You can find more information on this under the topic of materials on our website.

After installing new window seals, we recommend that you maintain them regularly. This prolongs the function and shape of new seals. Window seals should always be kept dry and protected from condensation or rain. If the window seals are damp, they should be wiped with a cloth and dried again. Particularly in winter, when the outside temperature and room temperature vary greatly, you should check frequently to see if the window seals are still dry. You should also use a silicone spray to provide additional care in winter, for example. This preserves the elasticity and function. With this knowledge and the right window seal, the cold days of winter can come and your home will always stay nice and warm.