Adhesive for TPE / EPDM window seals - 20g

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Product description and product properties of our adhesive:

Cyanoacrylate adhesives - also known as instant adhesives - are tried and tested components
of modern bonding technology. The most striking properties of these adhesives are
one-component and therefore easy to handle, solvent-free, very fast curing.

Our adhesive is highly viscous (thick) to enable precise and clean assembly.

Joints made with Cyan glue are characterized by good mechanical strength, high adhesion to most materials, sufficient
adhesion to most materials, sufficient temperature resistance,
improved elasticity and good resistance to ageing and weathering.

Cyanoacrylates are primarily used for bonding metals, wood, glass, plastics and elastomers.
Curing takes place in the presence of atmospheric moisture, so it is important to ensure that the adhesive film is applied as thinly as possible.

Attention, the adhesive is only suitable for mechanical bonding of silicone sealsto a limited extent!

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